Pro Evolution Soccer 5

A sports simulation video game for futbol made by Konami

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    Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows XP

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    7.3 (871)

Pro Evolution Soccer, for Windows, is a futbol / soccer simulation game franchise by Konami. The latest Windows installment for the series is Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, which is available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 personal computers.

The game is complex, containing several major professional leagues and championship play while also allowing international play for national clubs and competitions. Pro Evolution Soccer has great depth in regards to game play, especially when dealing with its 'Master Mode.' However, because of licensing difficulties regarding league, players, and equipment that have already committed to other gaming franchises, Pro Evolution Soccer does have some flaws.

Below are some of the best aspects of Pro Evolution Soccer, along with some difficulties.


  • Online Competition: Pro Evolution Soccer has some of the deepest opportunities for a player to engage in online play. From the Electronic Sports League to PESMexico, there are plenty of online leagues for a gamer to build recognition and skill level within Pro Evolution Soccer.
  • Precision Controls: Pro Evolution Soccer is set up to not only have very precise soccer controls but the gamer has a large array of command over his club on the field. This leaves the skilled gamer with the capability to direct and strategize in real time on the pitch.
  • Customization: Because of the lacking of representation by certain real life leagues, players, and competitions, Pro Evolution Soccer has given the gamer the opportunity to create custom patches to further develop gameplay. This has lead to the creation or simulation of competition that would not have otherwise been included by Konami into Pro Evolution Soccer.


  • Licensing: Other gaming competitors to Pro Evolution Soccer have more robust licensing agreements throughout the futbol world. Thus competitions such as the FIFA World Cup could only be included into Pro Evolution Soccer through gamer-made customization and patches. Other elements such as jersey details and stadium naming also may not be as accurate as Pro Evolution Soccer's competitors. Over the years, this issue has waned considerably but is still significant for game play.
  • Learning Curve: Because of the large amount of commands which the gamer has over the course of the match, mastery of Pro Evolution Soccer takes a considerable amount of time. There is a moderate time commitment initially for the gamer to get a grasp on how to set strategies then implement them directly into each individual player on the pitch. Also, individual player movement is complex as well, as Pro Evolution Soccer attempts to get as accurate to actual match play as possible.
  • Additions: While patches (game additions) are probably Pro Evolution Soccer's biggest attribute, because of its flaws, gamers must rely on them for a fulfilling gaming experience. As such, gamers might not be satisfied with the game straight out the box.

Pro Evolution Soccer is a very robust futbol gaming experience, with strong global community of gamers and mods to continue game play for years to come.

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